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Engineering/Automobile Branding

Qadir Engineering is a company based in Lahore, which was established in 1995. With a team of experienced professionals, Qadir Engineering has been involved in designing, manufacturing, and assembling for over 26 years. The company has earned a reputation for its expertise in high-pressure aluminum die-casting and specializes in the production of automobile parts..

ClientQadir EngineeringYearOctober, 2021AgencyHyper Hub StudioShare

Hyper Hub Studio worked closely with the Qadir Engineering by creating their company brand, identity system, guidelines, and digital presence. Our responsibilities included designing the brand logo, website, and determining the art direction for all touchpoints. The development of the brand’s face influenced our approach towards the identity’s aesthetics. It was essential that every aspect of the design aligned with the company’s objective of organically expanding the market.

Our partnership with Qadir Engineering involved creating a comprehensive branding package that included logo design, website design, and a range of marketing materials. We began by working closely with the client to understand their brand values, target audience, and messaging goals.

Our Mission

We developed a brand identity that reflected Qadir Engineering’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Our logo design incorporated sleek lines and modern typography, with a color palette that communicated strength and reliability.

Our Role

We developed a range of marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, and digital ads. Each piece was designed to be consistent with Qadir Engineering’s brand identity, while also effectively communicating their unique value proposition