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Managing Director / Architect


Client Success
Team Collaboration
Strategic Vision:

Since our inception in 2019, HyperHub Studio has emerged as a global leader in digital marketing and architecture designs, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. As Managing Director, I lead a passionate team dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Our commitment to creativity, coupled  with expertise in design, marketing, and technology, propels us to set industry trends and push boundaries. At HyperHub Studio, our success is intricately tied to the success of our clients, and we remain steadfast in our mission to provide tailored digital solutions that make a lasting impact.


As Managing Director of HyperHub Studio, M Usman Khan leads a visionary team in shaping cutting-edge digital marketing and architecture solutions. With a dedication to excellence, M Usman Khan drives the strategic direction that defines HyperHub Studio's impactful global presence.

Address: 678 Fir Place, Ottawa, ON K1M 9P0, Canada

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